For Conscious Creators who not only want to regain control over their mind but also start fully creating their own reality:


Discover the power of subconscious programming to clear your hidden subconscious blockages


(especially if you have dabbled with youtube videos, self-help books, and social media posts but feel there’s a missing piece to cracking the code of your personal reality)


There is a power within you that is readily available and in reach.

This strong power is blocked by any Subconscious Blockage you are aware or unaware of.

Subconscious Blockages can happen due to trauma, stress, anxiety, ill emotional regulation, addiction, bad habits, or memories that are stuck and imprinted in the physical or energetical body.

These blockages cause your natural energy to stop from flowing and cause harmful effects in your life

This causes manifestion of negative symptoms such as: 
– Lack of success
– Negative outcomes in business
– Ill health
– Lack of abundance and prosperity
– Bad luck
– Harmful Relationships
– Lack of harmony in your environment 
– Mental Health Problems

Does this sound familiar to you? You may be practicing affirmations, meditation, reading, and journaling yet nothing seems to mesh together. 

This happens due to inner blockages you need to confront and when you do…


When you finally clear these blockages something magical happens… 

You begin to claim back your natural power. The power within. 

The source of this Limitless power is your Spirit, your True Self, Your Soul.

When it is unclogged you can begin to experience radical shifts in your reality and life becomes effortless…

It begins to flow to you and through you.

Your Energy Flow Increases and your blockages are now cleared

There is no longer any need to fight or resist.

Whether you resist or not – the stream of life is going forward in it’s direction.

There is no more stress, anxiety, fear or distrust in the natural course your life has to take.

Subconscious Programming allows you to let go of the fears of trusting the natural current of life.

It is time for you to remove the negative programming installed in your mind by parents, teachers, schools, systems, and other organizations that were never on your side.

Programs such as: 
“You are not enough” 
“You are not worthy of success”
“Money is hard to earn”
“You have to work very hard to get along”
“There is nothing easy in life”
“Life is miserable and hard” 

With the mental tools inside “The Subconscious Architect” Course these Programs will soon vanish from your life… For Good. 

When this happens you open yourself up to the vast power supply within, that comes directly from your spirit – the source of creation…

You begin to unlock your inner powers such as:

– Laser focus
– Enhanced intuition
– Increased energy levels
– Expanded consciousness
– Increased manifestation abilities
– The Power to create reality
– Immense clarity
– Inspiring Creativity
– Endless drive
– High self-confidence
– Faith in your journey
– Stronger ability to influence yourself and others
– Increased connection to the divine to guide you
– Emboding and becoming your Higher Self

And there are more. Far too many to list

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

The power you have within is constantly streaming and flowing abundantly, at all times. 

It can only be blocked by blockages that you are unaware of or too afraid to deal with.

And if you believe it is your time to remove and clear these blockages then…

The keys to clearing these blockages are found inside of The Subconscious Architect

The course is built with the 3-step Subconscious Inception Method:

1. We first create the vision, purpose, and roadmap of your ideal and highest self – we tap into this unique and powerful energy and bring that frequency to life

2. We begin to go deep into the roots of your subconcsious blockages, we identify exactly where they started and how you can begin to remove them from your system.

3. Finally, you learn how to operate with this new software and operating system you have just created. You learn powerful tools of reality creation, manifestation, and bringing the powerful vision you created to life.

This happens through your ability to access deeper reserves of energy that have now unlocked from clearing your blockages and allows you to tap into higher vibrations, frequencies, and states of consciousness with ease

Inside you’ll find powerful tools such as:  

Scripting your own story to release any emotional trauma or buried memories
– How to use gratitude and journaling to continiously strengthen your subconscious mind
– The 6-step Pyramid to realizing your true vision and purpose on earth
– A special Affirmations method that REALLY works and goes deep straight into your S.Mind
– The best times to delete your negative programs (and it’s not just morning and nightime)
– The ONE feedback loop that once you master will make you a MASTER of manifestation
– How to INFLUENCE reality and other people to do what you want (in an ethical way)
– The System that allows you to get more done in less time by utilizing the FLOW STATE
– How to set INTENTIONS that happen the same week (or even the same day)
– How to STOP a negative suggestion as it comes your way (only by using your mind)
– The secret key to 3D visualizations that inspire immense creativity (and manifestation)
– A doorway to a life of bliss – cultivating the sacred Heart-Mind connection
– The natural ANTI VIRUS system to avoid planting negative beliefs in your mind
– The Radio Frequency Meditation that will align you with your desired reality frequency
– The 3 minutes simple practice to elevate your energy levels and attract abundance
– The ULTIMATE FOCUS tool to focus your subconscious mind on problem solving
– Gain powerful insights in your sleep – let your subconscious mind do the heavy lifting
– The one tool you need to kiss Limiting Beliefs goodbye for good (and never hear from them again)

And many more – in a step by step structure to make sure you succeed in implementing these in your life, clearing subconscious blockages, and creating a new reality – that you CHOOSE to live in.

There’s no guesswork involved.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Once you use the tools found inside The Subconscious Architect you will discover a different world and reality wait on the other side.

You gain access to: 
(what you gain access to)