For Conscious Creators who want to tap into their Limitless Power Within:

Master The Tools of Subconscious Programming to Remove Your Hidden Subconscious Blockages

Learn how to quickly identify and remove blockages from your system to unleash the natural flow of energy within you!

Imagine if you could… 

  • Identify & Remove any hidden subconscious blockage or limiting belief that is currently suppressing you from reaching your vision and goals
  • Directly access the programs inside your subconscious mind to create deep changes in your internal beliefs system
  • Discover how to “INSTALL” new subconscious softwares that work on auto-pilot for you – 24/7 to create the vision you believe in
  • Unlock the unlimited resource of energy and power you have within – that will help you effortlessly make your vision and goals a reality  

If that sounds like you – then this system is one of the most important systems you are about to discover…

The Source of Power You Have Within You

There is a power deep within you that is readily available and within your reach.

But if you’re reading this there is a good chance that this strong power is blocked by any Subconscious Blockage you are aware or unaware of.

Subconscious Blockages can happen due to past trauma, stress, anxiety, ill emotional regulation, addiction, harmful habits, or memories that become deeply stuck and imprinted in your physical or energetic body.

These blockages cause your natural energy to stop flowing and eventually cause harmful effects on your life

Subconscious Blockages will cause negative symptoms such as:

– Self-doubt in your abilities
– Lack of success
– Fear of failure
– Negative outcomes in business
– Ill health
– Lack of abundance and prosperity
– Bad luck
– Harmful Relationships
– Lack of harmony in your environment
– Mental Health Problems

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so keep reading…

Right now, you may be practicing affirmations, meditation, prayer, reading, and journaling… 

Yet nothing seems to work together. 

The truth is that it happens due to inner blockages you need to release and untangle.

When you finally clear these blockages something magical happens… 


John Was Able to Improve YEARS of Stuttering in less than 2 weeks

“I never thought about my Stuttering as a Subconscious Blockage Issue – once I’ve changed the mental script with the help of Subconscious Programming it finally started improving…. My speech is now almost completely fluent – No Therapist ever told me about this method!” – John (Alias)

Takezo - Sword of Clarity

Writer, Meditation Teacher, and Brand Consultant

“You really created a masterpiece with the subconscious architect.

Your knowledge about the subconscious is so profound and the clear and structured instructions make the complex topics simple and easy to understand.

This is a must have for everyone who wants to break limiting beliefs and wants to go from survival mode to creation mode.”

Dr Pranav

Medical Doctor and Writer

“Ive just completed the subconscious architect and it’s easily one of the best products I’ve gotten. Limitless has gone into great depths and built a program that is interactive, easy to follow and ultimately drives results. Since completing it I now have abundant clarity on my vision and values as a creative entrepreneur and have broken through the mental barriers that have been holding me back. If you’re looking to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, this is the course for you.”

Abbie no longer gets stressed and angry at her husband...

“By using the tools and techniques inside The Subconscious Architect to deal with Subconscious Blockages due to past Trauma I managed to stop getting stressed from my work and take it out on my husband… My relationship with my husband improved and I am a calmer and happier person” – Abbie (Alias)


Brands Copywriter

“When I first started working with limitless. I was a bit lost and in my head . No sense of direction.

Over the course of 2 weeks that changed drastically. I crafted the vision i intended on creating and working rigorously day in day out putting action in the plan that we created. 

If your feeling a bit lost/unsure of where you’re at. This is where you need to be. 

What’s the worst that can happen:
you stay in the same position.
You’re already there. Or you decide to change and finally move forward in life.

-Plans will be drafted
-peace in mind will be gained
-most importantly any challenge you have limitless always has the answer“


Holistic Health Consultant

Aaron my experience with your course was fantastic. You over delivered, well worth the price. <br>
It was clear, full of depth, and exactly what I was looking for.

The course covers multiple topics DEEPLY. You’ll learn about the subconscious mind, removing subconscious blockages, clarifying your vision, tools for strengthening the mind, and so much more.

The tools inside are so useful. I have future projects in the works that I couldn’t have imagined creating before. Now I have the wisdom needed to build efficiently.

I absolutely loved the combination of information and ACTIONABLE steps, it’s the perfect twist of the two. Too much of either and we loose balance, Aaron you mixed these two phenomenally.

Thank you.

Your Natural Power Within will finally be Unleashed...

As you remove more of the blockages and negative programs running in your subconscious mind you begin to claim back your natural power. 

The Limitless Power within. 

The source of this Limitless power and energy is your Spirit, your True Self, Your Soul.

“As within – so Without” – your outer world is only as clear and beautiful as your inner world.

When your inner world is unclogged you can begin to experience radical shifts in your reality and life becomes effortless…

It begins to flow to you and through you.

Your Energy Flow Increases and your blockages are now cleared

There is no longer any need to fight or resist.

Whether you resist or not – the stream of life is going forward in its direction.

There is no more stress, anxiety, fear, or distrust in the natural course your life has to take.

Subconscious Programming allows you to let go of the negative programming, conditioning, traumas, and fears that are causing you to distrust the natural current of life.

Nikola Tesla once said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

When your blockages dissolve and your Natural Energy frees up you become more powerful, magnetic, and laser-focused to master your reality and bring your vision to life.

Many of your Subconscious Blockages are not even your fault...

This is so important that I must repeat it: 

Most of your Subconscious Blockages are NOT your fault 

And I’m not saying this just to make you feel better 

The truth is  you were conditioned and programmed since you were born… 

92% of your subconscious programming that determines which beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and even fears you operate with  for most of your life happen from ages 0-7. 

That’s right – most of the operating system you are running on was installed WITHOUT your conscious awareness – and it’s installed by people who may have Subconscious Blockages and limiting beliefs about life as well.

If only for this reason – it is time for you to learn how to REPROGRAM your Subconscious mind and remove the negative programming and conditioning installed in your mind since birth by parents, teachers, schools, systems, society, and other organizations that were never on your side

These may be Programs such as:

“You are not enough”
“You are not worthy of success”
“Money is hard to earn”
“You have to work very hard to get along”
“There is nothing easy in life”
“Life is miserable and unenjoyable”
“You must suffer in life to get where you want!”
“Winter is here – I am about to get sick!”
“Why does this always happen to me?”
“The world is a scary and dark place”

These programs have created deep Subconscious Blockages that are stopping you from reaching the vision and reality you set out to create… 

But today it is your chance to say: “No more.”

With the mental tools inside “The Subconscious Architect” Course these Programs will soon vanish from your life… 

Forever and For Good. 

When this happens you dissolve any Subconscious Blockage that is present, reconnect to your true self, and open yourself up to the vast power supply within, that comes directly from your spirit – the source of creation…

You begin to unlock your inner powers such as:

Enhanced intuition to ALWAYS know what needs to be done or avoided
– Increased energy levels to take focused and intense action
– Expanded consciousness to see a clear picture of the situation
Increased manifestation abilities to bring your vision to life
– The Power to create reality at all times
Amazing Synchronicities that allow you to KNOW you are on the right path
– Immense clarity on your purpose, vision, and mission
– Laser focus on your projects and vision
– Increased productivity and performance without mind destroying drugs
– Inspiring Creativity to inject more life into your projects and creations
– Endless drive to pursue your goals and personal projects
– High self-confidence that comes from within – not from external sources
– Faith in your journey and knowing you can reach your goals
– Stronger ability to influence yourself and others
– Increased connection to the divine to guide you in your journey
– Embodying and becoming your Higher Self from day to day
– A direct connection to the power of your subconscious mind to complete tasks with greater Flow, Creativity, and Speed

Carl Jung the World's famous Psychiatrist said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The Subconscious Architect will guide you deep into the maze of your mind – into the subconscious mind and allow you to identify and remove subconscious blockages that you may or may not know are even there. 

It will help you “make the unconscious Conscious” by shining light to the darkest sides of your mind – while healing and replacing them with powerful thoughts and beliefs.

Just like opening a clog in the stream…

Blockages of a lifetime will be lifted away from your body, mind, and spirit – and new energy that has been blocked will start to FLOW FREELY again.

The power you have within is constantly streaming and flowing abundantly, at all times. 

It can only be blocked by blockages that you are unaware of or too afraid to deal with.

And if you believe it is your time to remove and clear these blockages then…

The keys to clearing these blockages are found inside of The Subconscious Architect

The course is built with the 3-step Subconscious Inception Method:

1. Defining your dream reality – We first create the vision, purpose, and roadmap of your ideal and highest self – we tap into this unique and powerful energy and bring that frequency to life

2. Identifying and removing your subconscious blockages – Now we begin to go deep into your subconscious mind where the roots of your subconscious blockages begin, we identify exactly where they started and how you can remove them from your system. Through repetition and practice of the tools and exercises – they will soon dissolve from your life FOR GOOD.

3. Finally, you learn how to operate with this new software and operating system you have just created. You can create new programs and scripts that will work automatically in your subconscious mind. You learn powerful tools of reality creation, manifestation, and bringing the powerful vision you created to life.

This happens through your ability to access deeper reserves of energy that have now unlocked from clearing your blockages and allows you to tap into higher vibrations, frequencies, and states of consciousness with ease

Inside you’ll find powerful tools such as:  

Scripting your own story to release any emotional trauma or buried memories
– How to use gratitude and journaling to continuously strengthen your subconscious mind
– The 6-step Pyramid to realizing your true vision and purpose on earth
– A special Affirmations method that REALLY works and goes deep straight into your S.Mind
– The best times to delete your negative programs (and it’s not just morning and nightime)
– The ONE feedback loop that once you master will make you a MASTER of manifestation
– How to INFLUENCE reality and other people to do what you want (in an ethical way)
– The System that allows you to get more done in less time by utilizing the FLOW STATE
– How to set INTENTIONS that happen the same week (or even the same day)
– How to STOP a negative suggestion as it comes your way (only by using your mind)
– The secret key to 3D visualizations that inspire immense creativity (and manifestation)
– A doorway to a life of bliss – cultivating the sacred Heart-Mind connection
– The natural ANTI VIRUS system to avoid planting negative beliefs in your mind
– The Radio Frequency Meditation that will align you with your desired reality frequency
– The 3 minutes simple practice to elevate your energy levels and attract abundance
– The ULTIMATE FOCUS tool to focus your subconscious mind on problem solving
– Gain powerful insights in your sleep – let your subconscious mind do the heavy lifting
– The one tool you need to kiss Limiting Beliefs goodbye for good (and never hear from them again)

And many more – in a step by step structure to make sure you succeed in implementing these in your life, clearing subconscious blockages, and creating a new reality – that you CHOOSE to live in.

There’s no guesswork involved.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

The Subconscious Architect will ensure that no part of your subconscious mind is left unattended:

-> Thought patterns
-> Beliefs
-> Emotions
-> Personal Stories and narratives
-> Memories
-> Self Talk

Every one of those crucial thought processes and elements of your conscious and subconscious mind will be treated and improved with the tools, frameworks, and knowledge presented inside the program in an easy step-by-step way.

How does Subconscious Programming Work to remove Subconscious blockages?

By combining the right mix of affirmationsmeditationaudio-programmingvisualizationrewriting your vision, and self-talk – along with other custom made techniques inside this program – you will be introduced to a system that will consistently allow you to reprogram your mind – one that is based on science and experience.

Before I show you the big names using the techniques I outline above – allow me to introduce myself quickly… 

I’m Aaron - some of you know me as Limitless Master or Limitless Reader in the older version.

I am a writer and a mindset coach.

 I specialize in helping people overcome deep Subconscious Blockages and reconnect with their true selves to unlock their full potential and inner power within.

Additionally, I’m a former military commander and I’m currently in training to become a Psychotherapist. 

My greatest purpose is to help people like you expand their consciousness levels, elevate their energy to vibrate at higher frequencies, and find gain deep clarity in their lives.

I have been exactly where you are right now – my subconscious mind filled with clutter and blockages that I didn’t know how to remove…

It took me years of inner work, hundreds of books, notebooks, meditations, and mental practices to reprogram my subconscious mind and find the path out of this internal maze. 

These tools have changed my life and made me a happy person that is able to help myself and more than 400 of my students, and clients reach new heights – Physically, Spiritually, mentally, and energetically…

And now I want to share these tools with YOU. 

Instead of years it can take you weeks, or even days, to remove your subconscious blockages and experience profound shifts in your reality and energy levels. 

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle – instead of battling you can allow the energy of life to effortlessly flow through you and co-create your vision together – this is my promise.

And now check out some of the big names using the exact techniques I am going to teach you:

Steve Jobs - Apple Founder Practices Meditation

Steve Jobs one of the most brilliant minds of out times swore by MEDITATION to help him in his quest for creativity and innovation – while increasing his intuitive abilities to make good decisions in Apple.

Michael Phelps - Olympic Swimmer uses Visualization

Michael Phelps the worlds best swimmer that won 23 Gold Medals attributes his performance and ability to stay calm under pressure to no other than VISUALIZATION Practices.

Oprah - Host and Author uses Vision Scripting

Oprah is one of the leading show hosts in the world today. Oprah attributes her rise from poverty to success to the power of scripting reality with a vision and holding the vision in mind. 

Leonardo Da Vinci - Genius Artist and Inventor used Visualization

Leonard Da Vinci was one of the most remarkable artists and inventors in the world. His fields of expertise were numerous – he attributes his ability to create to the power of his “Mind’s Eye”. Using Visualization he managed to paint The Mona Lisa and invent ideas that could only be developed in the modern age such as The Helicopter, Airplanes, and Tanks.

Napoleon Bonaparte - The French Emperor used Self-Talk

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered the greatest conqueror in history. He constantly used self-talk to increase his confidence in his abilities and to create the iron mentality he needed to succeed in inspiring his soldiers and winning battles.

Jimi Hendrix - The famous guitarist used Audio Programming

Jimi Hendrix one of the most influential rock and roll electric guitarists. is said to have used Audio-Programming to create new sounds and create a whole movement around his work. By tapping into his subconscious mind he was able to bring his Genius to life.

All of these legends have attributed a large part of their success to mental tools and subconscious programming

And if that wasn't enough - Science also Approves of Subconscious Programming Techniques:

Visualization and mental training for learning:

Meditation on health:

Visualization in Sports:

Self-talk and Performance:

Now before you run to another book or youtube video... Here's the thing:

I know you may have already tried to learn these techniques with youtube videos, books, and social media content to no avail and I know well how hard it is to find valuable knowledge and distill it into practical insight… 

You may have already invested hours to read the classic literature of these topics such as: 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Feeling is The Secret by Neville Goddard, The Game of Life by Florence Schovell Shinn, and perhaps even more modern ones such as Reality Transurfing, The Law of Attraction, or The Power of Now… 

But maybe you didn’t get the best results or you feel you can do better

Now just to be clear – these books are all amazing and great – I’ve read them all – but the problem with books is that you read one and continue to the next. 

You don’t STOP TO TAKE ACTION – and that is a major problem

You don’t master the elements and become a master with ONE true and tested system… 

On top of that you need to read A LOT of books before you understand what works for YOU exactly – and what is useless and can be discarded. 

A lot of books are also filled with fluff or don’t give you exact step by step tools, techniques and directions to achieve your goals and remove DEEP Subconscious Blockages. 

Apart from that – there is knowledge inside the course that you won’t find in any book – GUARANTEED – such as the Personal Power Frequency Meditation, and Deep Kabbalist Secrets that can help you dissolve deep blockages and create powerful changes in your energy levels. 

Like this special Radio Frequency meditation (which is one of dozens of other tools inside) :

So if you’ve already invested your precious time in books and video yet STILL didn’t find the solutions and answers? 

Then I got you. 

But first it’s time for you to stop looking for the answers in free books and scattered content around the web (it isn’t there)… 

Especially when you’re busy, have tons of responsibility on your head, and need to make changes as fast as possible. 

You know that your subconscious blockages are holding you back from living in your true nature and element – and you can’t afford to waste more time chasing quick fixes and hacks that don’t work.

If so – then it’s time for you to experience something different.

You need a system that has been battle tested and sharpened to excellence.

The Subconscious Inception system I will share with you is the one I have used both on myself and with my soldiers when I was in the military. 

Whenever we needed mental training to overcome challenges we would use these same exact tools and skills I will teach you in the course. 

The ability to remove any mental blockage such as fear of failure, self-doubt, and stress before important training and operations is crucial. 

This is why gaining mastery over the mind and releasing subconscious blockages on an ongoing basis becomes one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox for life – whether you are an entrepreneur, working a 9-5, or building your side hustle.

Leon learned how to tap into his creative power and Flow to elevate his performance in his business

“Aaron gave me a new angle on life and business. He taught me how to enter the flow state on demand and how I can tap into my creativity.
His holistic approach helped me get more done in less time and to do it with ease. His methods are unique yet effective and he shifted my mindset to a new level.
This guy knows what he’s talking about and should be the first choice when it comes to leveling up your life.” – Leon 

A dynamic System - You can use it on the move!

The system I’ll share with you doesn’t require you to sit with a textbook looking for the answer everytime you have a challenge – it becomes a PART OF YOU.

You’ll be able to catch yourself right before uttering sentences such as – 

“Oh I’m such an idiot…” 

I can’t believe it – what a failure I am!”

“It’s never going to work – why bother…” 

“I’m so fat and ugly -I’ll never be able to look good as XYZ”

Once you learn this system it becomes part of your natural subconscious program system and you can use it on the move – ON AUTOPILOT – without even having to remember the materials by heart…

They become INGRAINED in your Subconscious Memory.

You will immediately stop yourself from saying or doing things that can create Subconscious Blockages and you will have an ANTI-VIRUS protection system against other people’s negative suggestions as well!

It will become second nature to remove and prevent ANY blockage before it even begins to consolidate in your subconscious mind.

Sukun learned how to leverage mental tools towards High-Performance in her business and personal brand

“Mr Limitless! Just dropping in to say how grateful I am to you for all your help and support through this journey.. I’ve learnt sooo much in this short span of time and have built a strong system to grow my brand… I’ve particularly enjoyed your insights on leveraging the right mindset towards high performance! There’s so much value in the course and it’s something I will continue to fall back on.. Thank you for everything! And for of course being the incredibly kind and humble human you are!” – Sukun

*WARNING* - The Positive Effects become CONTAGIOUS:

When you learn these tools – you can also share them with your partner, children, parents, and loved ones to affect deep change in their lives as well. 

The most amazing part?

This will happen even if you’re shy or don’t want to talk with others about the program… 

How exactly can this happen?

Just by your close ones seeing you change and evolve will already create a deep subconscious effect on their own mind and reality and may be able to remove blockages just by your very presence. 

As you remove more of your Subconscious Blockages and as your natural energy of life grows as a result – you radiate that energy all around you and it has a healing effect – on you and your environement! 

You can expect to start hearing sentences such as – “I just feel so good after being around you!” or “You are so calm, there is something special about your energy!” 

Albert Einstein said: “Everything in Life is Vibration” 

This is just a natural and powerful effect of removing subconscious blockages from your body and mind. It is something that people feel on a subconscious level and radiates through your energy and “vibe”

***The following are more advanced effects that may not happen to every person or immediately but over time and practice are very much possible – From my own experience and students testimonials…***


Just as a rising tide raises all ships – as your energy levels rise – so does your whole environment become affected FOR THE BETTER: 

– Plants will grow more fertile
– Romantic Partners will feel more attracted to you
– Pets and animals will feel better in your presence
– Children will love playing and being in your presence
– Electric Devices will operate better in your environment
– You will experience less sickness
– You will have a more harmonious experience of reality (always have a parking spot, less rude people, no arguments, people being nice and friendly to you)
– Surprising opportunities that “come out of nowhere”
– Instant “Manifestations” of whatever you think about (in money, relationships, health) and so forth

All thanks to studying and practicing the tools in the program and releasing the Subconscious Blockages that are holding you back while increasing your natural energy levels in your body.

Sukun learned how to leverage mental tools towards High-Performance in her business and personal brand

“Mr Limitless! Just dropping in to say how grateful I am to you for all your help and support through this journey.. I’ve learnt sooo much in this short span of time and have built a strong system to grow my brand… I’ve particularly enjoyed your insights on leveraging the right mindset towards high performance! There’s so much value in the course and it’s something I will continue to fall back on.. Thank you for everything! And for of course being the incredibly kind and humble human you are!” – Sukun

Here's What You're Getting Access to:

X1 The Subconscious Architect Program

With the unique 3-step system “Subconscious Inception”, more than 6 hours of content with 100+ lessons, exercises and deep transformational practices to help you remove all Subconscious Blockages, Unlock the powerful energy within you and create a deep transformation into your 2.0 self.

Arrives BOTH TEXT and MP3 AUDIO TRACKS for every lesson, with beautiful, enlightening imagery + a convenient learning system to learn on the go (On any device).

X1 The Subconscious Architect Workbook

To help you ingrain the material with the exercises and guide you to your success in removing every subconscious blockage, step by step exercises, tools, and deep dive practices that will induce mind-shifts and new perspectives

X1 The Subconscious Architect Dashboard

A powerful planner to help you organize, Arrange, and track your progress and results so you can keep on track with your exercises and progress.

Track anything from your progress with the program, your daily/weekly/monthly tasks, big projects, and your personal Subconscious Reprogramming process.

And there are 3 more epic bonuses you get for FREE with the course:

X1 The Clarity Protocol

Never feel confused or lost in your life again. Your personal insurance policy to stay on track toward your vision. A handy Protocol you can print and take on any device, with inspiring and clarity evoking prompts. The secret about this protocol is that you create it when your clarity is high and you use it whenever you need a clarity boost!

Comes with 12+ beautiful designs and a personal template to make it your own.

Bonus #2: The Personal Compass Affirmations Track

A Powerful 432 HZ Affirmations Track with 888+ affirmations to Reprogram your Mind On a day-to-day basis and at night. This track enhances focus, drive, willpower, and mental clarity, while allowing abundance, prosperity, and growth to enter into your life.


Bonus #3: The Auto Suggestion Creator

A step-by-step template to create your own Auto-Suggestions and Affirmations that will go straight into your Subconscious Mind to create the results you desire.

The Templates will help you create powerful and potent affirmations with a special combination of sentences and words that will go deep and penetrate straight into your subconscious mind.

This bonus will help you crack the code of your mind – and start speaking the language of your Subconscious.

The Subconscious Architect

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$ 98 One Time Payment
  • The Subconscious Architect Course
  • All Bonuses Included
  • Lifetime access to updates

The Ultimate Bundle

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$ 128
  • The Subconscious Architect Full Cours + Bonuses
  • The Treasure Map - 30 Day Self-Transformation Program
  • "Beyond Limits" book - The Journey Beyond Time, Space, and Spirit. A 214 page book about shattering your self-imposed limitations, breaking the boundaries of your conventional thinking, and creating a fearless, limitless life.
  • Limitless Magazine - 3 high quality articles on the mind, reality, intuition, and the Flow State.

The Ultimate Bundle + Coaching

$ 521
  • Everything in The Ultimate bundle
  • X2 - 60 minutes Coaching Session
  • 24/7 Chat Support as you go through the courses and between the calls
  • Access to personalized materials for your unique situation and progress
  • Building a customized plan to your own journey with actionable steps to follow.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once you use the tools found inside The Subconscious Architect you will discover a different world and reality waiting on the other side… 

I am so confident in the power of this course and the system inside that if you apply the materials for 30 days and see no substantial subconscious blockages removed and improvement in your mental state – email me with proof of application and I will refund you.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once you use the tools found inside The Subconscious Architect you will discover a different world and reality waiting on the other side… 

I am so confident in the power of this course and the system inside that if you apply the materials for 30 days and see no substantial subconscious blockages removed and improvement in your mental state – email me with proof of application and I will refund you.