Focused Stretch Goals

You want to have a specific limited set of goals at any given time. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with 20 projects running simultaneously as you won’t get anything done that way.

Prioritization is the key to success – if you want to achieve a big goal, you need to build a project around it. See: Project Building

To determine which goals you should currently focus on, I use a great method that helps me realign every single time.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Firstly, go to your 10-year vision and understand where you’re currently at in your journey to achieving it.
  2. Write vividly where you are currently placed in relation to your vision at this moment in time.
  3. Write down what exactly is the next step, and what is the next level you want to break through towards?
  4. Write down all the possible ideas\solutions you can think of to get you to the next step
  5. Outline 25 goals from this process, they should be big goals, stretch goals. See: Stretch Goals
  6. Now, Prioritize 5 goals that you will focus on for the next quarter and potentially year. Hide the rest of the 20 and don’t look back at them. (This is Warren Buffets goal method)
  7. When you finish choosing the goals, it’s time to outline them as a project. See: Project Building

These are the steps required to create Focused Stretch Goals that will push you to your limits and promote your growth to the maximum level in the upcoming months.

Simple and effective.


  1. Align with 10 year’s vision and see where you’re at now
  2. Determine the next big step\level you want to get to
  3. Create a Stretch goal so you can get there
  4. Outline a the goal into a project Project Building