Practical applications of manifestation

Now that you have grasped the basics of the idea behind “manifestation” and a glimpse of how this phenomenon tends to work, I want to share a few practical tips that I’ve successfully used to manifest more of what I desired

When trying to manifest anything, I view it on 2 axes:

  1. Long-term manifestation -> The vision, the big goals, the higher self-identity, big things that you want to experience and bring forth into your life.
  2. Short-term manifestation -> The steps that will bring you to the goal. The small achievements that are needed before going deeper.

It is so simple when you look at this from this perspective and will make this practice much easier.

Now for the long-term manifestation, aka your lifelong vision, you may want to review the vision page daily, once at the morning and once at night before going to bed.

You will also want to record yourself speaking your vision out and listening to it once a day. This will strengthen the connection to your vision and engrain it into your subconscious mind, and via repetition and aligning with those thought frequencies, you will attune to the same vibrational quality that will allow you to get closer to that reality tunnel.

Now for the short-term manifestation -> it should be a smaller, slightly “out of reach” goal you desire to bring into your life.

Think about breaking through a new income barrier, running a better time for your lap, learning a new hard musical piece, etc.

What you need to do During your free time, or in a designated time (at least 30 minutes a day) – write down the object of your desire X15 times. Then after that, repeat it out loud with your eyes closed, and visualize the scenario. Visualize yourself as if you’ve already achieved the goal, and engage all the senses possible.

How would it physically feel?

How would you feel emotionally and mentally?

Where would it happen?

How would you behave after?

Engage and immerse your senses as much as possible. This truly works. Meditate on it, and speak it out loud.

Then, if you can, take a short nap. 10-15 minutes is all it takes.

Before you fall asleep keep chanting the object of your desire and lay to bed while visualizing this happening.

Over the course of the next 30-60 days (depending on your goal) put all of your efforts and focus on that one goal.

Nothing else, become almost obsessed with making it come to life.

By combining the practice I just shared with you with sheer focus and decisive action – it will come to life.

You may be amazed when it does but remember – when it happens, do not show excess excitement. Remember – it is yours. It is your reality, you already knew that it would happen, there is no need to be surprised and shocked, or go out and tell others of this miracle.

It is yours. Claim it for yourself. The only thing you may want to share and spread is to others about the method, and how powerful it really is. I would love it if you share with me how powerful this method is when it works for you.

I honestly have no other explanation than what I have already shared as to WHY it happens… but this is why you are here. You have tried other things. You have tried being rational. Maybe it didn’t get you so far. Maybe it got you thus far. This is the next level.

For the long-term manifestation –

by practicing the short term you are in fact guaranteeing it to happen, as you are methodically progressing towards bigger and bigger goals. And with time the big goal will be the one you are “manifesting” next – as with anything in life, time and practice make perfect.

Surprising events and occurrences will happen if you just allow them to.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of exercises, they are presented neatly in your workbook, and they are also structured nicely in the recommended schedule system in this module.

Namaste – and I hope you find treasures with this practice.