Limitless Brands - Build a thriving Twitter based brand in 12-24 weeks with magnetic content, fans, and personality

(Without generic content, soulless engagement tactics, or unsustainable "growth hacks")

What you will learn and implement in your brand:

3 year strategy you can follow

- Develop a tailor made 2-3 year strategy to help you use Twitter and social media, as your vehicle for generating traffic and interested clients, followers, and customers for your offers, business, and brand.

Create real engaged fans

Building influence and growing an engaged fan base, valuable followers who seek your content and view you as an authority. A real "Cult like brand" that are devoted to your mission and movement. (Quality > Quantity)

A strong and impactful offer

Getting a strong solid offer out to monetize your social presence while also having soul, depth, and unique energy and message to your brand. An offer that aligns with your long-term strategies such as a digital product, a community, a coaching program or a service you can promote.

Build a real network

Get you into an impactful position and connect you with the right people in the space. (In DMs, Spaces, Networking etc). Branch out from twitter to newlsetters, chat groups, and online communities to strengthen these connections - and build a movement around your brand.

Tapping into your uniquness

Bringing out your unique communication style and story - while alchemizing your different interets, skills, and talents to broadcast your message to the right people while having fun and making friends in the process.

Magnetic content

Write magnetic content and create real transformation to the people that naturally resonate with you. Build a brand based on attraction that your followers, connections, and fans are naturally drawn to, and create a strong emotional connection with them through your messaging and content.

The general outline of the program (in bullet points):


Brand Purpose and Vision: crafting your message that enters the heart, unique value proposition, and vision for the account. Building the brand character. Aligning everything together with your profile. Understanding the deep mission that lies in your brand and personal journey.

Content strategy and optimization – scheduling, bulk writing, content pillars, ideation. Aligning the message and content with the brand. Writing for engagement, authority, and inspiration and leading with value while incorporating a unique messaging and storytelling.

Offer creation + Networking- Developing your USP + Matching the offers to your ideal clients and strategies to generate leads and customers. Consistent outreach and DMs Strategy. 

Creating the marketing machine:  Spaces masterclass, Building your newsletter, expanding to other platforms. Outlining ebooks and lead magnets, auto dm campaigns and more.

Master the psychological elements of building a brand online:  Understand the deep psychological mechanisms and emotions that create a strong brand, deep connections, and resonance with people online and offline. Master the ideas that move people with emotion to your brand, in an influential way, not through manipulation or harmful tricks – but through real meaningful connection and personality and powerful messaging and communication frameworks. Position yourself as an expert and authority in your field to attract the right engaged following that will support and buy from you.

Master the systems and mindset to build your brand:  Develop bulletproof systems and protocols to your brand that will help you manage the work required to set it up. Create automated systems and time blocks that allow you to focus on creation and eliminate confusion, lack of clarity, and not knowing what to do next from the equation. Develop the mindset tools to deal with the noisy online world and stay focused and disciplined on your mission while having fun.

These are bullet points, we will dive even deeper into these ideas and more during the program. We will personalize it to your unique situation.

Where you can expect to be at the end of the program: 

  • Have a strong brand and vision for the future – with a bulletproof strategy to follow for years ahead
  • The start of a growing fan base with interested followers and prospects – signal and interest from the market, and a good idea of where your strength lies and where to continue building and focusing.
  • An offer or a strategy you can monetize and build further upon, a structure you can use and repeat to build more offers that work and bring in paying customers.
  • Have a source of continuous lead flow through magnetic content, lead magnet generation, auto DMs, and outreach strategies
  • – Have a clear definition of what you need to do every day, week, month to get consistent results and a plan to monetize your offers
  • Develop a newsletter with an interesting theme and automated sequences that you can keep sending on auto-pilot
  • create brand awareness, a great network, help other people and gain a sense of purpose and clarity to how great and large your brand can and will grow with time.
  • Have a strong movement, position, and unique value proposition you can share with the market. Have influence and authority to sell your services and generate valuable leads and customers for your business. 

What You get:

– 1 hour Weekly call -> Where we talk strategy, ideation, and frameworks to help you where you’re at. 

– Daily support (24/6 – w/o Saturdays) , text\voice messages guidance, and support throughout the program to ensure your success. 

– My best resource for building a personal brand – “Lego Branding” (a step-by-step guide to work with the program – with daily missions and objectives to grow and build momentum)

– Additional materials, tips, frameworks, and tools customized to your unique situation to help you on your personal journey.

– Systems for content creation, inspiration, ideation, writing and running your online biz automatically, with minimal time – so you can focus on building connections, relationships, and valuable assets\products\services to help your fan base.

– A “plug & play” set of templates for content creation, offer creation, marketing, sales systems (CRM), and outlining for courses, books, ebooks and so forth. All proven and optimized templates that help you structure your products and services and make them the in the best way that your customers will love and benefit from,

Extra Bonuses:


– Skyrocket your Sales -> A resource to help you get more inbound and outbound dms from warm and engaged prospects.

– A valuable network of friends building and growing online together – to further exchange ideas and help each other grow. 

12 Week Program

12 calls with all the materials included
$ 2500 4 week period
  • Weekly calls
  • Chat/voice note support
  • Materials and textbook for the program
  • Covers everything we can in a condensed way, yet the program material is more dense than 4 calls.

24 Week Program

24 calls with all the materials included
$ 4800 12 week period
  • All that's included in the 4 week program
  • The full curriculum of the program
  • Deeper dives over a longer period of time to ingrain the material and iterate as needed
  • The full experience which allows for better results, and doing more things together such as: market research, more tools, techniques, strategies, email marketing strategies, Twitter Spaces guidance, Product creation, Auto DM campaigns and so forth.

Client Testimonials:

"Aaron my experience with your program was fantastic. You over delivered, well worth the price. It was clear, full of depth, and exactly what I was looking for.
The program covers multiple topics DEEPLY. You’ll learn about the subconscious, clarifying your vision, tools for strengthening the mind, and so much more. "
Justin Egliskis
Writer and Wellness Coach
“When I first started working with limitless. I was a bit lost and in my head . No sense of direction. Over the course of 2 weeks that changed drastically. I crafted the vision i intended on creating and working rigorously day in day out putting action in the plan that we created. If your feeling a bit lost/unsure of where you’re at. This is where you need to be. "
Copywriter and Student