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"There's A Secret Method used by The Military, Intelligence Agencies, and High Performers that can help you bend reality to your own will and achieve rapid success."

If you’re serious about learning how to quickly and easily reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest FEARLESS, effortless success, all while destroying procrastination, limiting beliefs, and doubt, then this will be the most important system you’ll ever discover…

Hey, I'm Aaron Aka Limitless Reader

I'm a writer and peak mental clarity consultant

Before that, I served in the military for 3 years as a commander to 20 men, been to countless life-risking operations, and skydived all alone from a plane (As seen in the picture)

And in just minutes I want to reveal to you the exact same secretive systems used by militaries, secret agencies, and other high performers for their own benefit. 

The same method used by school systems and big institutions AGAINST YOU…. 

So we can flip the tables around and help you crack the code of your own reality to achieve MASSIVE success while working only 5-6 hours a day, eliminating destructive beliefs and maximizing your flow state & fulfillment of life

I’m about to reveal a system proven to work on ANY High-Performer whether it be entrepreneurs, creatives, or self-improvers...

This system may be the one that shatters all the mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and procrastination standing in your way and moves you into new higher states of consciousness where you can quickly and easily manifest your ideal 2.0 self and achieve success.

It is what allows special ops to train soldiers from skinny and afraid to STRONG & FEARLESS warriors, from mentally weak to iron mind, and from regular people to superhumans – In a matter of WEEKS\MONTHS instead of years.

This system allows high-performers to make the unimaginable come to life while reaping all the praise, riches, treasures, and respect in the process (in a minimal 5-6h work time a day)

Once installed, this system works in the background, on a deep, ingrained layer, subconsciously, without even needing to think about it

With a streamlined method & technology that anyone can follow and transform their perception of reality – to shape & bend it into your own will

Just before we go on…

I have to share with you the BIG LIE about success you’ve been led to believe

This next part is the single thing separating successful entrepreneurs, business owners and creators who thrive in their business, from those struggling to keep it going and making huge impact in other’s life’s – so read this carefully

If you’re like me you’ve probably been led to believe from a young age that creating the life you desire should take decades on end of grinding and hard, unsatisfying work, with little to no results

and lots of failure in the process before you get to the promised land – to your personal image of dream life and success

Truth is… 

I myself thought this is how reality works for a very long time. 

But what I failed to realize for so long is that the limiting beliefs and misconceptions I had about reality were what held me back rather than the number of hours I worked or the energy I put out into a project.

And when I finally realized how reality operates everything began to click. 

What I also noticed is that behind these disempowering ideas there are systems that want to keep you weak and afraid… 

And in fact, they are using the same exact system I am about to reveal to you AGAINST YOU to convince you that YOU are not worthy of success and growth. 

Their aim is to keep you slaving away for the rest of your life, with minimal results, intentionally designed to keep you from finding “the real solution” for the rest of your life

But as a matter of fact, If you’re here reading this page… 

… You already have the capability of breaking through to your next level of Consciousness and embrace Flow State Living, to stop chasing and start easily manifesting the results you desire

And the most exciting part? 

You will never need to “Spray & Pray” with your intentions…

Wonder if this time you’re going to succeed…

or read another long, elaborate book on reality creation and subconscious reprogramming – ever again

And you might be thinking to yourself “Yea right!”, but with this secret method I’m sharing with you you’ll never have to go through this negative cycle again..

 This may sound familiar to you:

You start working on a new project, full of hope and desire to succeed. 

The start looks and feels promising, but after a while, you feel like you’re off track

Things start to fall off, and you’re not keeping up with the progress.

Stress kicks in, the anxiety of the future follows, and you’re not able to put your all into the project and your life’s work like you know you can.

Getting into the ULTIMATE FLOW STATE seems like a distant fantasy, and you’re unable to put all your drive and focus into your work. 

As a result, you feel negative, reactive, and full of self-doubt. 

Limiting beliefs start to creep in… 

“Maybe I’m not good enough” 

“Maybe I’m not meant for success”

You go on to procrastinate… 

And the bright goals and vision you set to achieve suddenly all disappear and sound like someone else’s ideas.. 

Because subconsciously you were not aligned with the dream and the vision you came up with. 

Now you rush to buy more books, and courses, that all promise you to bring “discipline” motivation, and clarity, only to end up in the same cycle again and again. 

It just seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all, and win big… and every small breakthrough is led by an enormous, painful setback.

And in this heartbreaking process, you must be asking yourself:

Isn’t there a better way to do this and reach my goals with ease?

Is there a way to make the process of success and reaching our goals effortless, quick, and doubtless? 

All while enjoying the journey, and entering the flow state for maximal performance, results, prosperity, and abundance on the way? 

Why do some high-performers seem to have it easy, everything always goes their way, and they manifest success with ease while being in the game for less time… 

while you always end up grinding 24/7 for less than a 1/8th of their results?

You see, it seems that everything those high performers touch effortlessly turns to gold, and just being in their presence can make others come to life and in reality submit to their will. 

While the rest of us are left “dreaming” about our vision, feeling seeds of doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions brewing in our body..

only picking up crumbs of success from time to time and looking for the
HOLY GRAIL that will move us into the true potential we possess.

After being in the army for 3 years, commanding 20+ soldiers, and achieving the impossible day after day…

And after testing and proving this in business & life for the last 2.5 years for myself and for my clients…


I now know there’s another way – 

I discovered the secret system that once used will allow you to reprogram your subconscious mind for any success you want to achieve, to effortlessly and quickly manifest your ideal 2.0 self version, and bring endless prosperity and growth into your life.

With this special military grade system I’m about to introduce to you, you’ll be shocked at how simple and effective reprogramming your subconscious mind really is in the pursuit of your goals.

I know that I was in complete disbelief of this system when we used it in the military to train countless soldiers to Success-Machines… 

And I was more than shocked to witness how this works in EVERYDAY life, business, and relationships to manifest the vision me and my students set – and see it unfold EXACTLY how we planned it to be in due time… 

While reaping the financial, spiritual, and health benefits we desired for ourselves and going to break one high after another to succeed in the process… 

And the craziest part is that more than 95% of high performers and entrepreneurs have never heard of this system…

What is the secret system?


Subconscious-inception is one of the most powerful Subconscious – Reprogramming methods in the world 

It can help beginners and advanced high performers reprogram their subconscious minds for success and create a huge transformation in their identity and life. 

While using the Subconscious Inception method you’re able to unlock new higher states of consciousness while implementing effortless flow… 

To allow you more FOCUS, drive, creativity, and enhanced performance to quickly and easily arrive at your desired reality and manifest it to life. (While working just 5-6 hours a day and removing negativity and doubt from your way)

The problem is that this system is well hidden from you and even used AGAINST you when you’re in the formal route of Schools, University, and a corporate job. 

This is done intentionally in order to suppress your natural high-level abilities and power of your mind and keep you doubtful, negative, and afraid of your own potential and success. 

If not for the 3 years I’ve spent in the army and analyzing the exact methods used ON ME to ascend to new heights 

(And also AGAINST ME to program my mind and direct me in THEIR favor…)

I would never have discovered this system and kept living in a low consciousness, negative vibrational state, with limiting beliefs on the true nature of reality. 


Now, How exactly does this system work?

The “Subconscious Inception” method works in 3 simple & effective phases, that once you go through will change the way you view yourself, reality, and the world around you forever. 

You will kiss goodbye any worry, anxiety, and doubts you have for the future, and limiting beliefs will never phase you again

In fact, you’ll be able to step into your new self-identity and break through any challenge to embrace FLOW STATE LIVING while quickly manifesting the success you longed for in your projects and life. 

You will no longer need to second guess your progress, and every next step would be natural and intuitive – moving from a state of abundance and growth, and not from fear or lack. 

Once your subconscious mind will be in complete alignment with your new identity, your vision, and goals, you’ll no longer experience anxiety or procrastination and you’ll be able to finally step into your role – the one you choose to create. 

And it will happen fast. Faster than you’ve ever imagined possible.


But don't take my word for it...

Here's just some of what my clients and students say:

Now you might still think this sounds unreasonable and wonder how this Top Secret system really works…

So Let me tell you the short story of how I came to find out about the "Subconscious Inception" system.. and how You (and myself) were lied to about success all this time.

When I was almost 19 I joined the military in a classified unit.

We went into intense training that consisted of rigorous physical and mental exercises all throughout the day, from 5 in the morning till 23:00 at night (On a good day)

The rapid transformation we’ve all experienced in the span of months was unbelievable to the eyes of anyone watching from the side.

In the span of 3 months – I grew from a skinny, quiet, fearful boy to a Strong, fearless, powerful leader

When I came back home for the first time my friends and family couldn’t even recognize me

Now, what the heck happened there during those 3 months?

See, we’ve all come from different backgrounds, different physiques, shapes, behaviors, beliefs, and ways of thinking, so how exactly were we all COMPLETELY aligned in both our ways of thinking, belief systems, and behavior in such a short span of time?

The answer was simple: 

They were PROGRAMMING our subconscious minds. 

This was a TOP KEPT SECRET they used against our own minds to shape us, like clay, into the form they wanted us to take.

They were reprogramming us every single moment while we were there.

With the process of reprogramming our minds, they were actively SHIFTING our ways of viewing reality, and installing new software straight into our subconscious mind continuously, from morning to night, and sometimes also during our sleep

By hacking our conscious mind and going straight into the subconscious operating system they were able to create and instill RAPID, powerful changes that submitted us to our new reality tunnel and the vision of the organization we are in.

They shaved our heads. They made us walk in lines, never call commanders by name, and only get 5 min each night to be with our phones.

Through controlling everything from our speech, environment, way of thinking, the language allowed, and the behaviors we were allowed and required to do – they programmed us into becoming superhuman soldiers able to do whatever it takes in order to secure the mission and the goal.

At that time, it was still a mystery to me, and I had no clue that this was what they were doing… 

But when it finally made sense, everything changed.

Fast forward 4 years after I finished the army, I went on to start my own business while attending a Psychology major in University. (I was always fascinated by the mind and how it works as you can see)

Tbh, It was extremely hard. I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

I was grinding like there was no tomorrow, working hard, and making little to no progress. 

I would literally sit down 12 hours a day, almost like in my army days, as they trained us, but I would get little to no results…

I couldn’t get why that was happening.

I was sure it will solve itself if I just DO MORE and put more focus on my work.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I was on a verge of giving it all up and just saying SCREW this, let me get some mediocre job or whatever and live a “Comfy” life (Which we all know is just a trap)

Until *snap*. 

Something inside me just suddenly clicked…

I stopped for a moment to ask myself…

… What was it that happened in the army that allowed us to make QUANTUM LEAPS of progress in such a short span of time?

It was something beyond just grinding and working out, or learning about classified operations and systems in classes. 

It was something deeper.

And then it struck me.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind was the secret.

Now, this powerful way of living and thinking was activated in me in a way I didn’t realize until later on in life.

And when I picked up a few books about Reality Creation, “Brainwashing”, Philosophy, Psychology  Mind-Shifting, and Quantum Reality It all CLICKED and made sense connecting to the same experience I went through in the army.

Then, going back to my situation I started applying the ideas day after day in my business and school, calmly, and in a thoughtful manner.

I started Re-engineering my own reality and bending it to my will…

The results below blew my **** mind away….

What took me YEARS of progress and mental processing to try and achieve, I suddenly managed to bring into reality in less than 12 months:

– 10x Business and investments growth and increased prosperity

90-100’s grades in UNI

100’s of pieces of content written and published

38K+ followers in social media

1500+ newsletter subs

– Incredible connections with High-value individuals

Opportunities coming into my life from multiple sources

320+ happy students, clients, and customers

– Helped others achieve amazing clarity, direction and results with their goals in their life

– Grown profitable brands for clients all over the world

All done with MINIMAL time put in, no more than 5-6 hours a day to get these results, and plenty of time to do the things I love like playing music, reading books, and hanging with friends..

And more.

All in less than one year. 

And the best part? Through working with my students I now know this can 100% be replicated to YOUR life as well…

The Secret Method Emerged

From there, I felt like I can’t keep this system to myself.

I documented EVERYTHING I’ve used in the army and in my life & business to create the necessary rapid change and beliefs and put it into a set of guidelines and my step-by-step method to use was born: 


Before using the Subconscious Inception method to reprogram my mind, my mind was filled with Limiting beliefs, Self-doubt, painful memories, low energy, and negativity.

I would talk down to myself

I would let myself down

I let bad habits get the better of me

But when I took myself together and rebuilt my mind with the methods of this system, my life ascended in every possible way.

Now, this isn’t just some spiritual theoretical knowledge that will take you years to apply.

Because this is something I have worked on to perfection, a step-by-step process that is natural and easy to implement.

You see, you can possibly go down my route, look for all the books speaking on these subjects of reality creation, consume videos, social media posts and slowly pave your way...

A method that I personally love and find immense value in, but it’s just much slower and may take a lifetime to apply.

Because you learn 1 tool…

Then go and apply in reality, experiment, test, go back to the drawing board… 

it might work or it might not – and when there’s so much info out there it gets hard to make progress…

Or you can use a step-by-step system that works and guarantees results.

It’s your choice to make, and hey if you go down the first I respect the hustle. (I really do!)

The thing is that not everyone had the privilege (Or the pain lol) to have to go through 3 years of rigorous training in special mental training in the army

Apply the theory in reality

Come out and document it in an easy-to-follow & use method

AND guarantee that it will help you. (A real, risk-free guarantee, more on that in a bit)

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to experience borderline miracles, quickly manifest your ideal 2.0 self and bring the vision of your dreams to life, while embracing FLOW STATE LIVING and enjoying a fulfilling, stress-free, more prosperous, and high vibrational consciousness and life.

Before you read on, Keep this question in the back of your mind: 

WHO is benefiting from you staying in the same place you are right now…?

The most shocking part about the "Subconscious Inception" system is that you’ll discover how big the lies they’ve told you, how desperate they are to keep YOU away from this knowledge, and how little chance you’ve been given to succeed in the first place …

  • It all starts with going to school when you’re a young child, with a brain that’s highly malleable to suggestions
  • Then you’re subjected to 12 LONG years of schooling, repeating the same routine day in & day out for what seems like an eternity 
  • If you don’t get great number grades you’re deemed a failure, and if you do you’re bound to be stressed out of your mind to keep that momentum going
  • After that, you graduate straight to college or either start a business to achieve the success you’re after
  • You’re told that you must grind 24/7 to get the results you look for
  • You look at yourself as a player and life as a crazy competition that never ends
  • You know nothing about your true self and the hidden inner world that’s waiting for you to discover
  • You sense that something’s wrong and consider giving up
  • But you’re unable to identify what isn’t working so you keep grinding and praying for good
  • You are getting burnt out by the minute and losing any hope to improve the situation
  • Your limiting beliefs and doubts are weighing down on your chest and bringing endless stress into your life
  • You talk down on yourself and the cycle of negativity keeps going…

Or you decide to go into “The Subconscious Architect” course and you start: 

  • Viewing yourself in a positive empowering light
  • Realize you’re both the player and the game, it’s all been inside you all along
  • Gain the tools to clarify the vision and dream your heart truly desires
  • Create a step-by-step strategy to get there quickly and with ease
  • Destroy the harmful software running into your mind that are tricking you to believe you have any limits and success needs to be hard
  • Reprogram new empowering and impactful beliefs to finally trust yourself and believe you’re worthy of success
  • Move through life with renewed confidence and a wider smile
  • Gaining the tools to deal with any challenge as it rises and never going to bad habits back again 
  • Removing the distractions from your life and living in a constant state of flow and bliss
  • Learning the secrets to manifest enormous success, money, relationships and new opportunities into your life 
  • Working less hours, gaining more focus, smashing productivity and accomplishing even more (than you’ve done when you grinded 24/7)
  • Operating from a state of full intention in your life, and knowing that whatever you set to achieve is already done for you, and all you have to do is breezfully move towards the goal
  • Take full control of your self talk, your environment, and the words that shape your life to design and architect your world as you desire

And much more. 

"Subconscious Inception" is a 3 phase system you can come back to again and again in any season of life…

1. Creating and stepping into Your Dream Life’s Vision

In this first phase, you will let go of everything you ever knew about calibrating your vision and bringing it to life. 

You’ll detach from the negative ideas that root you to the ground, and install the new software in your mind of the 2.0 version you are about to transform into. 

With the new dream and vision you’ll get incredible clarity into who you are, where you’re going, and what are your ultimate inner powers that are still waiting to be unleashed.

The dream will become one with you and you it will no longer be a dream, but your new reality that you have embraced.

2. Reprogramming The Subconscious mind for success

In this phase we will go through in depth tools to rewire your mind from the negativity, doubts, limiting beliefs, and harmful self-talk it’s been subjected to your whole life. 

We will get rid of malicious software taking up REAL ESTATE in your mind, and reprogram the anti-virus software into your conscious mind to make sure it never has place to come back again. 

When we have made room for new, enlightening, and positive ideas to come in, you will go on to discover powerful tools to design the inner architecture of your subconscious mind to your will. 

You will discover the power it has in your life to bring whatever you wish into existence, and how to harness this energy to create the vision you chose into life. 

By following the system daily and methodically you will reprogram your subconscious mind to your desired results and liking in 30 days or less.

The changes installed will re-create your identity and you will integrate fully with your 2.0 self by the end of this phase.

3. Reality Creation as a way of life

In this phase you’ll learn about the most potent, deepest tools to create and bend reality into your own will. 

You will enjoy the tools to enhance your consciousness and take it into higher and higher levels of vibration for more prosperity, opportunities, and success. 

You’ll discover powerful tools to implement in your day-to-day life to make the world around you a magical and beautiful place, while enhancing your energy levels and natural state of consciousness. 

This will go hand in hand with your new subconscious mind operating system and will help you increase and improve that positive energy and mind-shifts to keep ascending higher and better every single day.

Now, you can gain immediate access to The Subconscious Architect Program today:

Not for $2897

Not for $997

Not for $498

Not for $297

Heck, not even for $197 USD…


You can get IMMEDIATE, LIFETIME, and COMPLETE ACCESS to the Course and it’s BONUSES for 33% OFF -

Only $98 USD TODAY

(The Price is a temporary inflation Adjustment from the $147 Original Price )

My Personal Guarantee

I know that with resources inside the “The Subconscious Architect: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success” you will achieve one of the most powerful and transformational experiences you will ever go through. 

I am sure about this because this is what I’ve experienced, and more importantly what my clients and students say. 

Now, if for any reason during the next 30 days of implementing the material and working with the course, you find it not creating a huge transformation and creating success contact me and I will send you 100% of your money back. (proof of work and application is required) 

Now, this way, 100% of the risk is on me.. Fair enough? 

Here’s what you’re getting with the program:

X1 The Subconscious Architect: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success

With the unique 3-step system “Subconscious Inception”, more than 6 hours of content with 50+ lessons, exercises and deep transformational practices to help you create a deep transformation into your 2.0 self.
BOTH TEXT and MP3 AUDIO TRACKS for every lesson, with beautiful, enlightening imagery + a convenient learning system to learn on the go (On any device).

X1 The Subconscious Architect Workbook

To help you ingrain the material with the exercises and guide you to your success,  step by step exercises and deep dive practices that will induce mind-shifts and new perspectives

X1 The Subconscious Architect Dashboard

A bulletproof planner to help you organize, Arrange, and track your progress and results so you can keep on track to win BIG.  Track anything from your progress with the program, your daily/weekly/monthly tasks, big projects, and your personal Subconscious Reprogramming process.

X1 The Subconscious Architect: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success

X1 The Subconscious Architect: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success

X1 The Subconscious Architect Workbook

To help you ingrain the material with the exercises and guide you to your success, 
step by step exercises and deep dive practices that will induce mind-shifts and new perspectives

X1 The Subconscious Architect Center

A bulletproof planner to help you organize, Arrange, and track your progress and results so you can keep on track to win BIG. 
Track anything from your progress with the program, your daily/weekly/monthly tasks, big projects, and your personal Subconscious Reprogramming process.

With 3 More Epic Bonuses:

Bonus #1: The Clarity Protocol - ($33 USD Value)

Never feel confused or lost in your life again. Your personal insurance policy to stay on track toward your vision. A handy Protocol you can print and take on any device, with inspiring and clarity evoking prompts. Comes with 12+ beautiful designs and a personal template to make it your own.

Bonus #2: The Personal Compass Affirmations Track - ($42 USD Value)

A Powerful 432 HZ Affirmations Track with 888+ affirmations to Reprogram your Mind On a day-to-day basis and at night. This track enhances focus, drive, willpower, and mental clarity, while allowing abundance, prosperity, and growth to enter into your life.

Bonus #3: The Auto Suggestion Creator - ($26 USD Value)

A step-by-step template to create your own Auto-Suggestions and Affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind for the results you desire. The Templates will help you create powerful and potent affirmations that will go deep – straight into your subconscious mind

With a personal advanced learning system

More than 100+ Lessons

More than 6 hours of content and exercises with 100+ deep lessons and exercises to help you implement the material and create your transformation.

One-Time Payment

One time payment for life. You get Lifetime Access to the material, to help you whenever you want to come back to it again.

Step-by-step Process

Don't get lost with a dense and hard to understand PDF. The learning system is built to help you progress in your own pace

Track your progress

A system to help you see where you're at, with prompts to come back to whenever you miss lessons or just need a small push.

Available 24/7

Unlimited access to your content, whenever and wherever you want it. The advanced learning system allows you to learn when it's right for YOU.

Personal Guidance

Whenver you have a question, you can send it to Aaron | Limitless Reader and he or the team will help you in a matter of minutes\hours with any question or problem.


More than 80+ audio MP3 tracks. You can listen to the course while driving, cooking, or working alongside the text lessons and marvelous images.

Exclusive Offers

Once you enter the Limitless Reader family, you'll forever get access to better deals for any other product, community, webinar, or mastermind. You will be the first to hear and get gifts from time to time.

Access The Subconscious Architect Any time or place

Gain immediate access to clarity in your pocket – with an advanced learning system and a clear roadmap to what to do RIGHT NOW.

Risk Free with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee


This is an INVESTMENT in your future.

An investment that can change your life at a fraction of the price of expensive programs or therapy that costs $1000’s dollars for just a few hours of guidance.

The Subconscious Architect will help you achieve long-lasting change and benefits at an affordable price, with the highest quality materials you can get your hands on.

Allow yourself to gain the gift of understanding your own psychology completely, and gain a whole new level of self-acceptance and love.

Gift yourself with clarity, hope, inspiration, and growth, immediately out of the box.

The skills you gain with The Subconscious Architect will EASILY bring back more than 100-1000x on your investment during your lifetime.

The possibilities you open up with the tools and secrets I share with you are invaluable.

The moment you step into this program you have already given yourself the promise of making a big change.

With the powerful tools and frameworks in The Subconscious Architect you will come out an enhanced, and unbreakable being on the other side – I’ll see you inside.

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